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Configuring Alpine for Windows v. 2 for IMAP

We recommend that you first install University of Washington's PC-Alpine, then patch with the latest Re-Alpine installer. (Note the "apline" spelling in the latter link -- that is the way the Re-Alpine site spells it.)

Make sure you have write and modify permission on C:\Program Files (x86)\Alpine\pinerc

(The filename should be similar to this.) Otherwise you will error out when you try to commit your changes below; all your changes will be lost!

From Alpine's main screen, press S (for Setup) / C (Configure)

It is not sufficient to select the Config menu with your mouse.

  1. Enter your Personal Name
  2. For User ID, enter your Helix username, e.g. 4bb4
  3. User Domain = helix.nih.gov
  4. SMTP Server (for sending) = mailfwd.nih.gov
  5. Inbox Path =
  6. Default Fcc (File carbon copy) = {helix.nih.gov}mail/sent-mail

    or set to "" if you don't want to save copies of your outgoing mail

  7. Default Saved Message Folder = {helix.nih.gov}mail/saved-messages
  8. Toggle these Feature settings:
    [ Viewer Preferences ]
    [X] Enable Message View URL Links
    [X] Enable Message View Web Hostname Links
    [ News Preferences ]
    [X] News Deletes Across Groups
    [X] News Read in Newsrc Order
    [ Advanced Command Preferences ]
    [X] Enable Aggregate Command Set
    [X] Enable Bounce Command
    [X] Enable Full Header Command
    [X] Suppress Full Header Auto Reset
    [ Advanced User Preferences ]
    [X] Enable Suspend
    [X] Prevent Folder Internal Message
  9. Initial Keystroke List = i
  10. Viewer Margin Right = 1

Press E (Exit Setup)

Press Y when prompted to Commit your changes.

GSSAPI (Single Sign-On)

Alpine has reasonably good support for GSSAPI. If you connect to Helix with the Preserve this password for future logins checkbox selected, alpine will obtain tickets that will allow you to connect in subsequent sessions without re-issuing your password. The first session with these tickets, however, will require your password.

Alpine is not really remembering your Windows password (probably a good thing). Instead, it obtains authentication tickets that work together with the ticket you obtained when you logged onto your Windows workstation, allowing you to sign on to Helix without additional action on your part. After some number of days alpine's tickets will expire, and you will be asked for your password again in order to obtain new ones.