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Filtering SPAM with Outlook

Before email messages are delivered to Helix users they are checked for both SPAM and viruses. In messages rated possibly but not certainly spam, the Subject: is prefixed with Potential SPAM:
Below are instructions to automatically move such messages into a special folder with the Outlook mail client.

1. Open Microsoft Outlook Tools Rules and Alerts

2. Click on 'New Rule'

3. Check 'Start creating a rule from a template' click 'Move messages with specific....' in Step 1

    click 'specific words' in Step 2

4. Enter 'Potential SPAM' click 'Add' click 'OK'

5. Click 'specified' link in Step 2

6. Select 'Mailbox' 'New'

7. Enter 'Potential SPAM' Select 'Mail and Post Items' Select 'Mailbox' Click 'OK'

8. Click 'Next>'

9. Check the box as pictured 'Next'

10. Check the box as pictured.

11. uncheck everything 'Next'

12. Finish as pictured 'Finish'

13. Click 'OK'