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Configuring Mac Mail for IMAP
Mac Mail is the default mail client that is packaged with Mac OS X. It can be used as an IMAP client to access Helix mail.
  1. Start up Mac Mail from the Dock, or from the Applications menu
  2. Pull down the Mail -> Preferences menu.
  3. In the 'General' menu, set 'check for new mail' to be 5 minutes or greater. Set the other options as desired.
  4. In the Accounts menu, click on the '+' button (lower left of the window) to set up a new account. Enter the following information:
    Account Type: IMAP
    Account Description: Helix IMAP (or something similar)
    Full name: enter your name here
    Email address: username@helix.nih.gov
    click 'continue'

    Incoming Mail Server: helix.nih.gov
    User Name: enter your Helix username
    Password: enter your Helix password
    click 'continue'

    MacMail will now try to connect to Helix and verify this account. The window will then change to prompt you for the outgoing mail server.

    Outgoing Mail Server: mailfwd.nih.gov
    Do not click 'Use Authentication'.
    If your version has these options, select port 25 and do not select 'Use Secure Socket Layer'.
    Click 'continue'.
    The window will then display a summary of the account information. Click 'continue'. You will be prompted for a keychain password, and can choose to use keychain or click 'cancel'.

    At this point the account should appear listed in the main Mail Preferences window. Click on the Account name, and select 'Advanced' from the menu.

    IMAP Path Prefix:/home/username/mail
    Select 'Use SSL'
    Authentication: Password
    Your Helix IMAP account is now set up in Mac Mail. You can close the Mail Preferences window.