High-Performance Computing at the NIH
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The NIH HPC group plans, manages and supports high-performance computing systems specifically for the intramural NIH community. These systems include Biowulf, an 20,000+ processor Linux cluster; Helix, an interactive system for short jobs, Sciware, a set of applications for desktops, and Helixweb, which provides a number of web-based scientific tools. We provide access to a wide range of computational applications for genomics, molecular and structural biology, mathematical and graphical analysis, image analysis, and other scientific fields.

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Cluster Utilization
Friday, August 18th, 2017
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Last 24 hrs
97,834 jobs submitted
64,247 jobs completed
2,773,835 CPU hrs used
22 NIH Institutes
146 Principal Investigators
269 users

Recent Papers that used Biowulf & HPC Resources

thumbnail image from paper Hydroxyl-radical footprinting combined with molecular modeling identifies unique features of DNA conformation and nucleosome positioning
Alexey K. Shaytan, Hua Xiao, Grigoriy A. Armeev, Carl Wu, David Landsman, Anna R. Panchenko
Nucleic Acids Res. , doi://10.1093/nar/gkx616 (2017)

thumbnail image from paper Functional Subpopulations of Neurons in a Macaque Face Patch Revealed by Single-Unit fMRI Mapping
Soo Hyun Park, Brian E. Russ, David B.T. McMahon, Kenji W. Koyano, Rebecca A. Berman, David A. Leopold
Neuron , doi://10.1016/j.neuron.2017.07.014 (2017)

thumbnail image from paper A Novel Method To Estimate Lymphocyte Dose And Application To Pediatric And Young Adult Ct Patients In The United Kingdom
Choonsik Lee, Lindsay M. Morton, Amy Berrington de Gonzalez
Radiation Dosimetry , doi://10.1093/rpd/ncx084 (2017)

thumbnail image from paper A common SLC26A4-linked haplotype underlying non-syndromic hearing loss with enlargement of the vestibular aqueduct
Chattaraj, P; Munjal, T; Honda, K et al.
J. Med. Genet. , DOI://10.1136/jmedgenet-2017-104721 (2017)

A Two-Step Approach for Analysis of Nonignorable Missing Outcomes in Longitudinal Regression: an Application to Upstate KIDS Study
Liu, D; Yeung, EH; McLain, AC; Xie, Y; Buck Louis, GM; Sundaram, R;
Paediatr Perinat Epidemiol , DOI://10.1111/ppe.12382 (2017)

The prevalence of DICER1 pathogenic variation in population databases
Kim, J; Field, A; Schultz, KAP; Hill, DA; Stewart, DR;
Int. J. Cancer , DOI://10.1002/ijc.30907 (2017)

Systematic Investigation of Multi-TLR Sensing Identifies Regulators of Sustained Gene Activation in Macrophages
Lin, B; Dutta, B; Fraser, IDC;
Cell Syst , DOI://10.1016/j.cels.2017.06.014 (2017)